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Our Customer Card

Rewards of becoming a Penny Customer Card holder

Order your Penny Customer Card at the bar and pre-pay your future consummation taking a massive profit on our customer friendly price-reduction system! Simply load-up your card at the bar and take immediate advantage on all purchases on food and beverages. Low on cash?? – Not to worry. Carry your personalized Penny Customer Card!!
All Customer Card holders profit from our amazing advantages. Celebrate your birthday in the Penny with a couple of your friends and we will offer you CHF 50.- free to spend on your Birthday.

How to become a Customer Card holder:

So easy!! Simply order your Customer Card on the bar in the Penny. For just CHF 5.- you can purchase a silver card and immediately begin with the advantages. When your pre-pay tops over CHF 1000.- you will automatically gain membership to the “Gold Card” category.
It’s so easy. Come to the Penny, go to the bar and ask for the Card. For 5.- you will get your Card immediately and you can start to profit from the benefits of the card. As soon as you spent 1’000.- on your Silver Costumer Card you will get the Gold Card automatically.

  • Silver Card – 5% price reduction on all consummations
  • Gold Card – 10% price reduction on all consummations
  • Birthdays – CHF 50.- free to spend on your Birthday!!

Penny Farthing

Bahnhofstrasse 56
5000 Aarau
062 822 61 71

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 10.00 – 24.00
Friday 10.00 – 02.00
Saturday 10.00 – 02.00
Sunday 14.30 – 24.00